a quilt series

Have you ever found yourself repeating certain blocks or themes
so that you've developed a series (or obsession !) without even planning it?
Well I've suddenly just realised, over the years,
I have been accidently working on a 'broken dishes' series.
Want to see?

'Broken Dishes' #1 was made way way back, probably in the late 80's I think.
Using 30's itty bitty prints

'Broken Dishes' #2
a variation
donated to Vanuatu March 2015

'Broken Dishes' #3
Gifted to my granddaughter

'Broken Dishes' #4
I made these HST's into broken dishes again but set them as stars.
Liberty fabrics
Still machine quilting this one

'Broken Dishes' #5
using 'outback wife' fabrics

and most recently . . . 'Broken Dishes' #6
the vintage version

. . .  and 'Broken Dishes' #7
still very much a WiP, a happy clash-y mix of vintage & new

The traditional layout/design is call Broken Dishes
~ pieced entirely from half square triangles. 
So easy to make
For a great tutorial on making a 'broken dishes' quilt see over here at diaryofaquilter

Do you have a 'series' lurking in your sewing room too?


  1. Yup, that's a series, good and proper. It's interesting to see how you have progressed in your approach from the first quilt and I'm looking forward now to seeing #7 completed.

  2. What beautiful work!
    The broken dishes with 'outback wife' fabric is striking.
    Thanks for the tutorial tip.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      Yes, I love the ‘outback wife’ version too – am thinking of making it bigger, maybe a wide border. But can’t decide which fabric to use though ... decisions, decisions!


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